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Alarms, Surveillance and Monitoring

Remote alarm and monitoring devices can create tremendous value in many applications. Down times can be reduced and unnecessary site visits can be avoided, reducing travel costs.

Typical applications include

  • animal live trap monitoring (see application example below),
  • simple alarm systems, e.g. for caravans, camper vans, holiday homes, etc.
  • temperature alarms (receive a message, as soon as pre-defined temperature thresholds are met or exceeded)
  • failure / status monitoring for heating, ventilation or cooling (HVAC) systems - enabling you to react immediately to avoid damage or complaints.

Our systems are usable in various applications - especially where you have no mains power supply available (or do not want to use it) and where a battery powered device will be easier to install and more reliable. However, a mains powered supply can also be realised.

You will receive immediate notifications to your mobile phone or to a server. Our devices send out periodic status (alive) messages so that you can rest assured that your application is monitored reliably.

Our devices are simple and intuitive to use and highly reliable.

What are your requirements?

Talk to us. We can customise the devices to suit your applications ideally.

Application example: TRAPMASTER trap alert

A typical application is the TRAPMASTER trap alert systemTrap alert, trap monitor TRAPMASTER. This is a remote monitoring device for live animal traps. As soon as an animal is caught in the trap, the trap monitor will send a message to the hunter's mobile phone. For all details go to www.trapmaster.eu

 Trap alert, trap monitor TRAPMASTER

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