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EPV Electronics GmbH is a member of Germany's export initiative for energy efficient products

Energy Saving Lighting Controls

Saving Energy & Increasing Comfort

Intelligent switching and dimming delivers substantial energy savings for almost all types of lighting. Even the most modern lighting (e.g. LED) will remain far below its potential without added controls.

Made in Germany, since 1990

EPV is specialized in intelligent lighting control solutions for offices, residential applications and commercial buildings. We are a medium-sized German company with a strong emphasis on R&D. All EPV products are designed and manufactured in Germany.

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 230V occupancy sensors, 230V motion sensors, ceiling PIR sensors    24V PIR occupany sensors for smart homes and building management systems    Rail Dimmer, Leading Edge Dimmer, Trailing Edge Dimmers, LED Dimmers
230V Occupancy Sensors   24V Occupancy Sensors   Dimmers

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